#FamiliesAreSacred #LasFamiliasSonSagradas

CARECEN SF calls for an end to family separation at the border due to “Zero Tolerance.” Join us on June 17 (Father’s Day) as we launch #FamiliesAreSacred #LasFamiliasSonSagradas—a video and photo campaign where we invite families to post a video or photo on social media expressing the following:

  1. How much you love your family.
  2. How being separated from them would affect you and them.
  3. Express how you feel about the government separating families at the border.
  4. Invite your friends and family to also post a photo or video and take a stance against family separation.

Sample English video post:

Dear Friends, we want to add our voice against separating families at the border. I invite my brother, @Michael Rios, my siter @Jennifer Rios, my cousin @Julieta Andrade, and my very good friends @Rachelle Hammond and @Mike Hammond to make their own video.

#FamiliesAreSacred #LasFamiliasSonSagradas

Ejemplo de video en Español:

Queridos amigos, quiero ofrecer este vídeo para expresar cuanto quiero a mi familia. ¡No se que haria si fuera separada de ellos! Invito a mi mejor amiga @Lupe Gallegos, a mi hermano @Wil Campa, y a mi cuñada @Gladis Campa a hacer un video para expresar su oposición a la separación de las familias en la frontera.

#LasFamiliasSonSagradas #FamiliesAreSacred