The Vinicio Fund for Unaccompanied Children

The Vinicio Fund: CARECEN SF empowers and responds to the needs, rights, and aspirations of latino, immigrant, and under-resourced families in the san francisco bay area, building community leadership to pursue equity & justice.

The Vinicio Fund for Unaccompanied Children seeks to build community support through donations that will help CARECEN SF meet the emergency and/or basic needs of children and youth being represented in immigration court, and participating in our other social service programs.

Vinicio has planted the first seed to start this fund. Now we are calling on you to help us expand the support these children so desperately need.

CARECEN SF’s goal is to meet the immediate needs of the youth we serve while supporting them holistically in their social, economic and cultural integration in their new home. We seek to develop active participation and long-term civic engagement of these youth in the social fabric of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

On behalf of the community we serve and our team, we thank you for helping meet the needs of these unaccompanied children and youth!

Your tax-deductible donation helps provide the support the refugee immigrant children receive and the legal representation assistance they deserve!

  • $30 = One trip to their lawyer
  • $60 = Two trips to their lawyer
  • $150 = Five trips to their lawyer
  • $200-$400 = one medical exam
  • $300 = Ten trips to work on asylum case
  • $500 = subsidize one month of living expenses while child/youth attends school