Defend DACA

DACA UPDATE: August 2020

Supreme Court Ruling

  • On June 18, 2020, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the government was wrong in trying to end the program in 2017. A great victory for all of us!

What does this mean for you

  • If you have DACA, keep renewing as early as 150 days from the expiration date of your work permit.
  • Make a renewal appointment with our Immigration Legal Services Department by calling our main number (415) 642-4400.
  • You can still renew your work permit even if it has expired.


  • Unfortunately, the government has decided to not accept new DACA applications.
  • Renewals will only be granted for 1 year instead of 2 years.
  • Advance Parole will be granted only for “exceptional circumstances.”

What to do

  • Call our office at (415) 642-4400 to schedule a renewal consultation with one of our DACA experts. We will help with the application process and any questions you have.
  • If you need financial help, we may have referrals.

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More Information about DACA

Visit the websites of these organizations to find more information about understanding the Supreme Court’s decision and to learn more about DACA:

United We Dream

Immigrant Legal Resource Center

DACA Update: January 2018

5 Key Points About the Trump Administration’s Plan to End DACA

On September 5, 2017 President Trump announced the “phasing out” of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Below are “Five Key Points” that are important to know about the announcement. We recommend that you get an immigration consultation from a non-pro t community agency and/or an immigration attorney to determine how this announcement will affect your immigration case. Please be aware of unscrupulous legal advisors when reviewing your immigration options.

  • 1. Your DACA is valid until its expiration date. DACA and work permits will remain valid until their expiration date. To determine when your DACA and work permit expires, look at your I-797 Approval Notice or at the bottom of your Employment Authorization Document (EAD).
  • 2 No new DACA applications will be accepted after September 5, 2017. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will no longer accept or process rst-time applications submitted after September 5, 2017. USCIS will continue to process properly led pending DACA initial requests that have been accepted by September 5, 2017.
  • 3 You have until October 5, 2017 to renew your DACA application and work permit if your permit expires between September 5, 2017 and March 5, 2018. If you have a work permit that will expire between now and March 5, 2018, USCIS must receive your two-year DACA renewal by October 5, 2017. Do not wait until the last day.
  • 4 No new or pending applications for Advance Parole to travel abroad will be processed. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will no longer grant DACA recipients permission to travel abroad through Advance Parole. Any pending applications for advance parole will not be processed, and DHS will refund any associated fees.
  • 5 DHS will generally honor previously approved applications for Advance Parole. DHS will generally honor the stated validity period for previously approved applications for Advance Parole. Nevertheless, CARECEN SF recommends it is best not to travel outside of the U.S. at this time.


In response to the announcement about DACA, CARECEN SF will be:

  • Holding 2 daily “Charlas” (workshops) Monday-Friday 11am and 4pm at our Main Offices
  • Promoting Know Your Rights information and responses to FAQ’s about this decision
  • Launching a “Shame on You” campaign so DREAMERS and allies can flood the white house with postcards letting them know that we will RESIST
  • Providing legal consultation for 100% of DACA beneficiaries and their families that walk through our doors, in order to screen for other potential forms of relief
  • Immigration legal document processing support and filing for those who may qualify for other immigration programs
  • We will continue to work with our local and national advocacy partners, elected officials and allies to expand protections, impact policies and ensure access to immigration legal services
  • Produce bi-lingual and accessible information via social media, our website and other community based platforms
  • Continue our work in Mesoamerica to inform, connect and advocate on behalf of migrants forced to leave, on their journey and in receiving countries.
  • Continuing our commitment and advocacy to achieve a just, humane and dignified immigration system reform.


Community members can connect with CARECEN SF’s:

  • Immigration Legal Program
  • Second Chance Youth Program & Tattoo Removal Clinic
  • Family Wellness and Health Promotion Programs
  • Advocacy, Community Building, and Leaderhip Development Activities

CARECEN SF empowers and responds to the needs, rights and aspirations of Latino, immigrant, and under-resourced families in the San Francisco Bay Area – building leadership to pursue self-determination and justice. Yesterday, today and tomorrow we will continue to affirm that we are #HereToStay #AquiNosQuedamos.