Help CARECEN SF Support Migrants at the US/Mexico Border

Help CARECEN SF Pay for Travel to the US/Mexico Border to Support Migrants Impacted by Changes to the Title 42 Program

CARECEN SF is traveling to the U.S./Mexico border in response to the new asylum ban rule this Administration is instituting. While the Biden Administration is finally withdrawing the use of Title 42 (an arcane public health related excuse to be able to turn away people at the border without letting them seek asylum protection), sadly it is replacing it with a complicated web of policies again designed to limit, not expand, access to protection for those fleeing harm.


People in migrant shelters who have been forced to wait in Mexico for the lifting of Title 42 will need information about the complicated and punitive new policies – so CARECEN SF is sending 6 of our experienced legal staff for the job. With the help of our allies at the border, we will conduct “Charlas,” town hall style gatherings to provide vital information to people migrating.

What’s more, the Administration has just sent 1,500 troops to the border to aid in “detection and monitoring” of people at the border, and those of us pushing for a more humanitarian response at the border need to show our position of strength through compassion and solidarity, not militarization.

Please join us in supporting migrants’ right to seek asylum and receive due process upon arrival at the U.S./Mexico border. We are asking for your donations to help send our team to the border and help with travel and lodging expenses. No amount is too small. Won’t you donate today?

Together we can provide much needed support to survivors escaping danger.


John Oliver does a great job explaining what the Biden Administration is doing wrong regarding immigration, the asylum system in this country as well as exposing many broken promises made by Biden while he was campaigning for office.

Migration is a human right. Migrating and seeking asylum should not be criminalized by any country nor administration.