Transnational Bridge Building

CARECEN SF is dedicated to transnational bridge building for our people to thrive and live in peace, both in the united states and in our countries of origin

Here are some examples:

International Observer Delegation During Presidential Elections in El Salvador

Organized by CARECEN DC, Alianza Americas and CARECEN SF, we took part in an international delegation to observe the presidential elections in El Salvador. Our group attended candidate forums, met with academic experts, social services and violence prevention organizations as well as the media to learn about the political and social context of elections in El Salvador. We were inspired by the people’s will, resilience and commitment to the democracy they fought so hard for. The recent elections mark a new era in the political reality of El Salvador. There are many challenges but a new generation of Salvadorans have taken the stage using new tools and engaging the political and democratic process in their own terms. This moment, as the newly elected president said, “turns the page on the post war era.” We will continue our transnational advocacy so our people can thrive and be able to migrate by choice and not by force.


Lariza Dugan Cuadra, directora ejecutiva de Carecen SF, reporta desde CIFCO, San Salvador tras el cierre de urnas en las presidenciales de #ElSalvador. Carecen San Francisco, CARECEN-Central American Resource Center y Alianza Americas estamos observando este importante proceso electoral.

Posted by Alianza Americas on Sunday, February 3, 2019



Photos of Observer Delegation During Presidential Election in El Salvador, Feb. 2019




    • RAÍCES – 2 RAÍCES trips to strengthen ties between second generation immigrant youth to their countries of origin.

  • CARECEN SF participated in electoral monitoring/observation for two elections to support the democratic process in El Salvador.
  • Ongoing regional advocacy (Mexico and Central America) with Alianza Americas. CARECEN SF and other Central American lead organizations visited these regions to promote increased consular protection and services for migrants at home, on the journey and in their country of destination.
  • Participation as civil society “Central American Diaspora” in the development of El Salvador’s national policy for protection and development of the Salvadoran migrant.
  • CARECEN SF joined a delegation of 50 faith leaders and social justice advocates from the United States, Canada, Haiti, and Colombia that traveled to Honduras in January 2018 for a week-long visit to observe continuing widespread civil unrest and protests in the aftermath of the contested presidential election on November 26, 2017.