TPS People’s Summit (La Cumbre TPSiana)

The TPS People’s Summit (La Cumbre TPSiana) in Washington, DC

A great gathering of immigrants and immigrant advocates organized by the National TPS Alliance took place in Washington, DC on February 10-13th. Countless TPS, DACA, and DED beneficiaries and their supporters lobbied members of Congress during these dates and urged them to pass a Clean Dream Act with a path to permanent residency. Over 300,000 migrants protected by these programs are at great risk of losing their work permits if the program ends, negatively impacting their families, economic self-efficiency and for many small businesses which generate employment. The major lobbying efforts were spearheaded by Alianza Americas and the National TPS Alliance. The Summit culminated with a march on Feb. 12th, where thousands of migrant activists took to the streets of Washington, DC and marched from the White House to the Trump Hotel, to the House of Congress and the Supreme Court in a demonstration of strength and demanded lawmakers act now. Representatives Ayana Pressley (D-Mass) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) were there to support the migrant march with impassioned speeches.


TPS Lobbying in Washington, DC



TPS March in Washington, DC – Feb. 12, 2019

Photos courtesy of CARECEN LA