Our Team


Roadmap To Peace Case Manager — Second Chance Youth Program & Tattoo Removal Clinic

Juan was born in New Mexico, but was raised in Richmond, CA. Being the son of migrant parents, he knew that he had to pursue a higher education as a way to thank his parents for their hard-work and hardships they endured raising him. Living in a low-income community, Juan had realized that he wanted to involve himself in helping communities in need, especially working with youth who are moving towards unhealthy paths. He joined a program in high school called LinkCrew, where he helped students have an easier transition from middle-school to high school, and set them up for success throughout their high school years. Being a first-generation, recent college graduate from San Jose State University with a B.S in Justice Studies and a minor in Forensics, Juan knew that he wanted to start his career working with underserved youth, who are negatively affected by their socioeconomic status.