Our Team


CARECEN SF’s Promotoras de Salud (community health workers) have been an essential part of CARECEN SF’s team since 2007. Promotoras are members of our immigrant community that form part of CARECEN SF’s volunteer team and receive stipends for their valuable contribution facilitating health workshops and engaging their community around healthy eating and active living. Our Promotoras represent a broad range of nationalities, cultures, and life experiences and have received a minimum of 40 hours of initial training in popular education principles, health education on Latino health issues including diabetes, obesity, and oral health, and workshop facilitation skills. They continue to grow their knowledge through additional mentorship and training provided both by CARECEN SF and the larger community. Most importantly, each Promotora brings to their health promotion work their own expert knowledge, insight and unique experiences that enhance their ability to inform and educate community members about critical health issues affecting the Latino immigrant community.

  • Matilde Téllez
  • Violeta Sandoval
  • Guadalupe De La Peña
  • Clara Ibarra
  • Norma Carrera
  • Olga Reyes
  • Angélica Rosas
  • Marisa Madrigal