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Sustaining the Work through Resiliency

Podcast: Three generaciones

RAMA Blueprints Podcast presents an intergenerational conversation with Dr. Concepcion “Concha” Saucedo, Fatima Ramirez, and Oscar Grande.

The live conversation brings to light the depth of challenges and approaches to solutions through the wisdom of an elder and former executive director, through the eyes of a rising leader that is committed to collecting memories through journalism and the arts, and the first hand lived experience of a former community organizer who transitioned to work in city government.

All three leaders have engaged with the community in different roles: Dr. Concha Saucedo as Co-Founder of Instituto Familiar de la Raza (IFR) incorporating traditional ways with western wellness; Fatima Ramirez, raised in the Mission, as the executive Director of Accíon Latina who is passionate about the intersection of art and media; Oscar Grande while a Senior Organizer for PODER displaying decades of grassroots organizing. The discussion was hosted by Socorro Gamboa.

eXtra: Commentary - Stacie Powers Cuellar

In this commentary, Stacey Powers Cuellar, Executive Director at Brava, continues to be a warrior for the arts and the community. In this commentary about the Live RAMA Blueprints discussion, “Tres Generaciones/Three Voices,” she shares with us her life’s work as an arts administrator in the Mission District, the role of Brava in the community and the importance of stories and storytelling for future generations and the healing evoked through this experience.

Stacie began her career in nonprofit arts at the San Francisco Mime Troop. After leaving the Mime Troop, Stacey joined Dr. Loco’s Rockin’ Jalapeno Band as business manager and has worked or served over an additional dozen nonprofits and arts organizations in San Francisco. Stacey produces and presents thought-provoking art as Brava continues to be a center for igniting social change and building community. With 30 years of arts administration and production experience in San Francisco, she ushered in a new era of stability for Brava, revitalized its long-standing youth program, the running crew, revived the capital project to renovate the building’s three storefronts and launch Brava presents to deliver an eclectic array of music, theater, dance, visual and media arts work in collaboration with local artists and arts organizations.

This episode was produced and edited by Darren J. de Leon and Socorro Gamboa for the 5 Sisters Audio Garden.

eXtra Herstory - Fatima Ramirez and Paseo Artistico

Fatima Ramirez is Executive Director of Acción Latina and publisher of El Tecolote in San Francisco’s Mission District. In this RAMA Blueprints Podcast eXtra, Fatima talks about the role the Paseo Artistico program plays within the building of community. Acción Latina and El Tecolote have been promoting cultural arts, community media, and civic engagement as a way of building healthy and empowered Latino communities. Fatima studied Media and Latin American Studies in addition to Journalism at the University of San Francisco, and also earned a Master’s in Family and Community Education in Museums from Columbia University. She is passionate about the intersection of art and media that bring families and multiple generations into conversation with one another. Raised in the Mission, Ramírez is committed to bilingual storytelling that uplifts Latinx communities in San Francisco and beyond through community media, cultural arts and civic engagement.