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Episode eXtra: Dr. Concha Saucedo

Concha Saucedo

Dr. Concepcion Saucedo-Martinez also known to many with respect and love as “Concha,” who is a Mexican Yaqui Chicana born in California and raised in traditional indigenous ways. In the 1970’s, Dr. Concha Saucedo- Martinez was instrumental in co-founding Instituto Familiar de la Raza, a Latino mental health clinic in San Francisco’s Mission District.

In the year 2000, Dr. Saucedo in collaboration with the Real Alternatives Program created and developed La Cultura Cura which promotes a reflection of culture, critical consciousness, self reflection, social-emotional wellness, deep understanding of the individual, group, historical and cultural relationships, and the teaching of En Lak’ech (you are my other self)

A community activist for social justice for over 50 years, she is a grandmother of seven, respected Elder, traditional healer practitioner, visionary, public school teacher, professor, former Board President of the Real Alternatives Program (RAP), and Executive Director Emeritus of Insituto Familiar de La Raza. At present her vocation is to pass on to others, particularly young people, the healing practices and ceremonies from this continent.

The eXtras of RAMA Blueprints podcast are intended to help the listener with a deeper understanding of the people, events, and places that created the Mission District and the series as a whole.