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Episode 5: The Roots of RAP (part 2): The Tree Begins to Grow

Based on the Principles of Real Alternatives Program (RAP), we look at how this youth movement takes actions to better their conditions.

We go in depth on three major actions: the chaining of the doors of the Youth Guidance Center (YGC), the Sears Roebuck Boycott and picket line, and the assignment of young community leaders in pivotal positions of power.

We examine how RAP’s influence begins to slowly spread outside of the Mission District and inside San Francisco’s City Hall.

Listen to the episode eXtras to get a deeper understanding of the history explored in the RAMA Blueprints podcast.

Episode 5 eXtra: Jim Queen, founder of the Real Alternatives Program

In this eXtra installment of the RAMA Blueprints Podcast Series, we hear from the man himself; Jim Queen, founder of the Real Alternatives Program (RAP). From struggling with his racial identity to joining the Navy and eventually landing and setting roots in San Francisco.

Episode 5 eXtra: Esperanza Echavarri

Esperanza Echavarri’s journey led her to work with EMUNYO and RAP. A retired licensed clinical social worker, community activist, organizer, and cultural practitioner for over 40 years, Esperanza’s commitment to social change significantly contributed to revolutionizing the mental health systems of San Francisco.