Promoting Stability in Central America and Securing the Future of TPS, DED and DACA Beneficiaries

Promoting Stability in Central America and Securing the Future of TPS, DED and DACA Beneficiaries

Community Days of Action
September 9 & 10, 2019
Washington, D.C.

Immigrant rights advocates and allies call on the U.S. Senate and Congress to Legislate and secure a permanent solution for TPS, DACA and DED beneficiaries

September 9th is a symbolic date, given that it is the date Salvadoran TPS beneficiaries would have lost their protected status, if not for the Ramos vs. Nielsen lawsuit, which has led to a preliminary injunction halting the program’s cancelation. A recent hearing on this case before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has caused great concern that the only viable and timely solution to protect this population from the threat of losing status in the U.S. is immediate legislative action. There are solid examples of legislation that will protect TPS, DACA, and DED beneficiaries and their families. Existing proposals include the Promise Act and/or Dream Act in Congress, and the Secure Act in the Senate.

The time has come for the U.S. Congress to take action to protect this population and their U.S.-born children.

We urge all of our federal legislators and representatives to move TPS, DACA and DED beneficiaries towards Legal Permanent Residency and a pathway to citizenship now!

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Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee




Congressional Briefing – September 9, 2019

David Campos – Event Moderator, Former City Supervisor, District 9, San Francisco.
Julia Gelatt, Senior Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute
Daniella Burgi-Palomino, Senior Associate, Latin America Working Group
Albert Saint Jean, Organizer, Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI)
Suyapa Edith Ucles Salinas, General Program Manager, Mennonite Social Action Commission (CASM)
Arianna Velasco, U.S. Citizen Child of TPS Beneficiary Parents

Panelist Profiles


Press Conference – September 9, 2019

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiaries, their families, along with Deferred Enforcement Departure (DED) and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) holders were joined by CARECEN San Francisco, CARECEN DC, Alianza Americas, the Bay Area TPS Committee, CASA, 32BJ, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, African Advocacy Network, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, OXFAM, Latin America Working Group, FANM and other allies call on Congress to act now to create a path to permanent residency for all 13 countries beneficiaries of TPS, DACA and DED.

Speaker Profiles

Legislative Visits

Legislative Visits 2019-09-09
House/ Senate MoC State Staffer Lead Org
House Gomez CA-34 Diana Rios, Immigration Issues ASOSAL
House Lofgren CA-19 David Shahoulian – Democratic Chief Counsel, House Immigration CARECEN SF
House DeSaulnier CA-11 Sarah Jackson, Legislative Director CARECEN SF
House Eshoo CA-18 Eric Henshall, Legislative Assistance CARECEN SF
House Matsui CA-06 Kyle Victor, Chief of Saff CARECEN SF
House Pelosi CA-12 Matthew Ramirez, Outreach Advisor CARECEN SF, ASOSAL,
House Barragan CA-44 Congresswoman Barragan and legislative assistant Ricardo
House Lee CA-13 Congresswoman Barbara Lee CARECEN SF
House Bera CA-07 Congressman Ami Bera CARECEN SF
House Sánchez CA-38 Alejandra Leynez, Legislative Assistant ASOSAL, CARECEN LA
House Swallwell CA-15 Andrew S. Ginsburg, Legislative Director CARECEN SF
House McNerney CA-09 Congressman Jerry McNerney CARECEN SF
House Speier CA-14 Congresswoman Jackie Speier CARECEN SF
House Congress Member State Staff Met by
Senate Harris CA Sharmisha Das and Patricia Ordaz CARECEN SF
Senate Feinstein CA Sunil Varghese – Immigration Counsel CARECEN SF
House Frankel FL-21 Legislative Assistant Daniel Bleiberg FANM
House Wasserman Schultz FL-23 Michael R. Harris, Senior Legislative and Appropriations
House Soto FL-09 Congressman Soto- Contact Andrea V. Valdés Valderrama FANM
House Hastings FL-20 Lindsey Garber, Senior Counsel & Rules Associate FANM
Senate Scott FL Christine Diaz, Policy Advisor FANM
House Shalala FL-27 Congresswoman Shalala and Ben Talus FANM
House McGovern MA-02 Cindy M. Buhl, Legislative Director BAJI
Senate Markey MA Callan Bruzzone, Office of Senator Edward J. Markey BAJI
House Brown MD-04 Hannah Cooper- Legislative Aide CASA
House Cummings MD-07 Jordan Blumenthal- Counsel and Policy Advisor CASA
Senate Cardin MD Corinne A. Paul; Foreign Policy Legislative Correspondent CASA
Senate Klobuchar MN Ajay Kundaria; Leg Assistant COPAL
House Ilhan Omar MN-5 Ryan Morgan Legislative Assistant COPAL
House Phillips MN Mia Berman, Staff Assistant COPAL
House Emmer MN Catherine Lenz, legislative Assistant
Senate Smith MN Samantha Marcy- Counsel COPAL
House Sherril NJ-11 Congresswoman Sherrill, David Michaels and Jean Roehrenbeck WoTS
Senate Booker NJ Counsel, Danny Smith/ WoTS
Senate Bob Casey PA Valli Sanmugalingam- National Security Legislative Assistant CASA
House Jackson-Lee TX-18 Monica R. Cloud, Deputy Chief of Staff CRECEN Houston
Senate Cruz TX Benjamin D. Wilson, Counsel, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
CRECEN Houston
House Connolly VA-11 Molly Claire Cole- Legislative Assistan CASA
Senate Warner VA Valeria Sandoval; Leg Assistant CASA
Senate Kaine VA Nicholas C. Widmyer – Legislative Correspondent CASA