Our Team

Jose Carrasco

Director, Second Chance Youth Program & Tattoo Removal Clinic

Jose Carrasco has worked with Latino youth and their families in San Francisco since 1994. He is well known as co-founder and Executive Director Loco Bloco, a vibrant cultural arts programs that supports youth to develop their creative expression through exploring Afro-Latino music, dance and art traditions. At Good Samaritan Resource Center, Jose developed youth services that emphasized social-emotional wellness through support groups and outdoors experiential education. With Be the Change Consulting, Jose served as trainer/facilitator and coach for staff at after-school programs and nonprofit programs throughout the city. Jose feels honored to work with and learn from the talented staff of Second Chance Youth Program and Tattoo Removal Clinic. He believes in empowering and unleashing the talent of frontline staff and highly values qualities of openness and humility as key to intellectual growth and change.