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Volcán de Fuego Relief Fund for Guatemala

On June 3, 2018 the Volcán de Fuego violently erupted in Guatemala, killing more than 100 people in the surrounding communities with hundreds, perhaps thousands more still missing. CARECEN SF has partnered with Comité de Guatemaltecos de San Francisco y el Área de la Bahía in order to raise funds and directly deliver as much relief as we can gather to the Guatemalan communities impacted by this natural disaster.

Entire towns have been destroyed and covered by ash, displacing thousands of campesino and indigenous communities. Sadly, Guatemala does not have the conditions for an effective and timely rescue effort. Our people are left to face this incredible natural disaster on their own.

CARECEN SF and the Comité de Guatemaltecos de SF y el Área de la Bahía are committed to personally and directly delivering all the help we can gather to help the volcano victims back on their feet.

We invite you join us in solidarity with the victim of this tragic disaster. Your contribution is greatly needed. Please make a donation today.
We are stronger in community!